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Please input the membership Information which you want to renew. You can renew more than one membership card of different types at a time. If the Membership number does not match the ID number, Please contact us.
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Card renewal charge and instructions:
1. The charge for the first year renewal card is 10% off the original price of CNY 50, CNY 45 and charge for return mail. For the second year and thereafter, 20% off, CNY 40 and charge for return mail. You can also use the old card to renew at international youth hostel China.
2. Like the new Membership card, renewal card is to obtain new Membership number, which will not be extended after the original Membership number expires.
3. The online renewal function only provides immediate renewal of the card (from chargeday onwards).
If you need to renew the card at another time, please contact us for details of card renewal through the contact information in "contact us".